Exclusiv-Talk: Tim Acid

Just this one moment for the Munich made him famous in Germany. Not only with his voice, but also with his clothes and style Tim convinced the people. With that the sixteen year old got in the final of “The Voice Kids”. Afterwards followed a rapid rise of an unusual career. Tim Acid in an exclusive interview:

Tim’s unusual style of clothes is often an eye-catcher.
Tim’s unusual style of clothes is often an eye-catcher.

How was the feeling about being in the final of “The Voice Kids”?

The first feeling was amazing. It is hard to describe it, when a lot of people listen to you and cheer. I couldn’t believe being on stage. All members of the jury looked like puppets, when they turned around. It was just outstanding.

How did you get to “The Voice Kids”?

It was arranged by my girlfriend Leonie. She announced me. First of all I was a little bit angry, but I did it anyway. This was the best decision.

„It was just outstanding“ – Tim Acid

What do you like mostly at Lena-Meyer-Landrut?

Lena is a very open minded person. She is very crazy and successful but she is still remain true to herself. Therefore I hold her in high esteem. Further she is very ambitious and she wants to do everything perfectly, just like me.

Despite of the pseudonym “Acid”, his only drug is music.
Despite of the pseudonym “Acid”, his only drug is music.

How did you get to the song Silver Linings?

The first song was considerabled out a lot of several components. First of all it was the leave from “The Voice Kids” and a new start with the Name Tim Acid. On the other hand the song should reflect my passion to the music.

What do your parents think about your career?

At the beginning my mother was not very enthusiastic about “The Voice Kids”. She was afraid of a possible failing in the first round. But week after week I did step by step to the final. Then she supported me more and more. Up to today she has helped me, when I needed help.

“The mail from my fans was extremely” – Tim Acid

Do you get a lot of mail from your fans?

During the time of “The Voice Kids” it was extremely. This amount of mail I have never got before. Also a lot I got over the social media. In fact sometimes there are more massages from boys than from girls.

His trademark are the different glasses.
His trademark are the different glasses.

Fits the relationship between you and your Songwriter Philip?

My Manager Armin Hupp saw Philip Röder (Songwriter and Producer from Tim) in the newspaper and got in touch with him directly. Also the relationship between us fits perfectly just from the beginning. Maybe the big labels were afraid of contracting me. Philip is a talented songwriter. Together with him it is a big deal.

What do your friends think about your clothes?

The reaction of the people is totally different. I got a lot of positive feedback from pleasant people. Of course there are some hater especially of my clothes.

“Unfortunately there are some hater” – Tim Acid

Why do you write everything in English on your facebookpage?

At the beginning I wrote in German but then I got more and more international fans. Up from there I started to write my Facebook posts and tweets in English. Everybody understands it. (Laughing)

Sometimes the sixteens year old tailor his own clothes.
Sometimes the sixteens year old tailor his own clothes.

Describe the typical Tim!

I am very busy person. Often I have a lot of to do so I forget the one or the other thing. Therefore I am very significant and I have a passion to music. It is completed by my love to fashion.

What do you like mostly in your life?

My Rookie-Book. In there I collect my fashion sketches and also all other important things that I don’t won’t to lose. Many inspirations of fashion and sketches I am collecting there. This is the most important equipment in my life. After that there is the album from Lorde: Pure Heroin. This I have got almost with me.

My Rookie Book is the most important thing – Tim Acid

What about parties?

Normally at the weekend I don´t go to parties. I prefer to go to festivals. These are techno-parties. There I feel myself well. Privately I don´t listen to techno-music, I like pop-music more. For me techno is just a party-music.

For some people Tim leaves a nasty taste, but he doesn´t mind.

Do you enjoy your life as a teenager?

Mostly I can move in an uninhibited manner (Laughing). But often I’m recognized by teenagers epically when they are in a group. On many occasions people stare at me. Than they remember me, but they are not able to assign my face.

What means music to you?

Music means a lot for me. With music I can realize and express my character. For me it’s like medicine. I just could sit at my room and listen to music day by day. Furthermore music helps me when I am sad.

“Music is a very important part of my life” – Tim Acid

Is there already a new song in production?

Actually we worked unbelievable often in the studio. We produced four news songs. They are really good. Together all songs will be realised at the same time soon. In addition we want to reach a new world record: The highest amount of outfits in one music video. Let’s have a look if we make it.

Where will be your next gigs?

Actually I have a little break. At the moment I just go to a “Vocal-Coaching”. This is like a singing lessons combined with different kind of performance. While doing so I try to improve my voice. Otherwise there are some concerts in 2015. Currently I can´t say further more about that.

(More News you will find on Tim’s Facebookpage, Twitter or on Instagram)


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